Entrevista o “job fair”

Si bien todos lo padecen, está es una de las partes que más me divierte: la entrevista. Acá caes en la cuenta que te vas, loco!

El proceso de entrevista es muy simple y hay que tomarlo como lo que es: una persona que no te conoce quiere ver si sos idóneo para el puesto que aplicás. Y seamos sinceros, tampoco es que estamos aplicando como ingenieros para la NASA, so relax.

Para que no tengamos ningún incoveniente, nos conviene ir lo más preparados posibles. Para eso es que yo recomiendo hacer una pequeña research tanto de tu empleador como tuya, y por supuesto, PRACTICAR. Les paso algunas ideas  y mi ejemplo:


  • Employer: Montage Deer Valley, Park City, Utah (opened December 2010)
  • Type of business: Luxury hotel
  • The hotel: Alan J. Fuerstman founded this ultra-luxury hotel and resort management company in 2002 to serve affluent travelers. The rd wo“montage” connotes a composite of closely juxtaposed elements, an artistic assemblage or compilation.
  • Vision: To create an artistic collection of distinctive luxury hotels, resorts and residences in stunning settings that offer comfortable elegance, a unique sense of place, impeccable hospitality and inspired memorable culinary, spa and lifestyle experiences.
  • Philosophy: Montage is devoted to delivering an elevated guest experience. Knowledge and passion for exceptional personalized service are the foundation upon which this property management company is built.
  • Passionate staff with superb attention to detail who embrace all that is good in life and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service
  • Destinations with unique locations and rich histories, from pristine beachfront to sophisticated urban enclaves.
  • Art in all forms, including special collections and commissioned works that pay homage to each destination.
  • Respected reputation as a caring and thoughtful employer that views employment as a way to create a balanced life and rewards and encourages excellence.
  • Montage Destinations: Montage Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, California (opened February 2003), Montage Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, California (opened November 2008), Montage Deer Valley, Park City, Utah (opened December 2010), The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, a Montage Resort, Bluffton, South Carolina (opened February 2014), Montage Kapalua Bay, Lahaina, Hawaii (opened June 2014).
  • Available positions they have:  Bowling Attendant, Paint Box Attendant / Recreation Attendant, Barista,Cooks, Honor Bar Attendant, Food Runner / Servers Assistant, Server IRD,Host/Hostess/Housekeeper/Turndown Attendant/Lobby Attendant, Spa Attendant, etc.
  • Which positions interest me: Hostess, Front Desk.
  • Transportation to and from the resort: 36-mile drive from Salt Lake City International Airport and just minutes from downtown Park City. Free transport in Park City.
  • Cultural activities you can do: Sundance Festival, Lindy Exchanges or festivals in Salt Lake City, Egyptian Theatre, Salt Lake City, 6hs from Las Vegas, National Parks, nightlife, Outlets.
  • Ultimate in the area: Ehh… jamás lo averigué.
  • Puesto en el ranking de centros de ski: #28
  • ¿Por qué los elijo?: Family enviroment, beautiful landscapes, best snow, wanna learn the business from inside.
  • ¿Why Park City?: Recognized as a world class winter recreation destination, surrounded by three beautiful resorts (Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, and Canyons Resort). The essence of Park City is captured by its landmark Main Street. With historic charm and congenial flair, browse fine handcrafted jewelry, meet local artists, shop sophisticated fashion, choose from an array of fine dining, or attend spectacular year-round events that draw the attention of the world. A burgeoning art scene prevails, anchored by the illustrious Sundance Film Festival – one of the world’s premiere cinematic events.

Ooooobvio que no vas a vomitarles todo este testamento. Pero teniéndolo en mente, a vos te sirve de guía para sacar charla, demostrarles que te interesa trabajar con ellos, que los conocés, que seguís la filosofía de la empresa, y eso es lo más importante: empatizar!

Lo segundo es saber un poco sobre ustedes mismos. Una vez más, va mi caso:


  • My strengths ¿Cuáles son tus fortalezas, en qué sos craack?:  Adaptability/I am flexible: I can reinvent myself every day and I can adapt my personality to the work I’ve been assigned, it doesn’t take me too much time to fit in a new environment. I’m the best baby haha.
  • Quick learning: As I love learning, I take this like a challenge, an opportunity to bit myself, so I’m super focused, it’s a competiton with myself. Chamullating mode on.
  • Kindness/ Sympathetic/ always with a smile/Positive attitude/sociable/outgoing: I like to make new friends, to meet new people, to refresh myself with their energy, try to get the best of each person. I believe that kindness, and the joy while working influences it a lot, when I have to lead a group I try to give tasks that I’m sure they will do happily, because the customer perceive that, and it’s important to make him or her feel more comfortable.
  • Proactivity/I am entrepreneur/ Very focused/determined: when I have something on my mind, I go for it, I don’t waste time waiting you to tell me something I usually get it done before you tell me what to do, because we are playing for the same team, If I work in Monatage, I will get Montage identity, inside and outside the company. I believe that things done with joy, make a difference in the environment, in my relation with the people who surround me, that’s  my own tiny contribution.
  • I find inspiration in unexpected places and apply that inspiration in daily work.
  • Leadership, multitask:  I enjoy leading efforts that create success for the team I work, Montage in this case. I like taking  the responsibility, is always  a challenge for me.
  • My weaknesses ¿Cuáles es tu criptonita? I am very active  and in the same line IMPATIENT, i wanna have all the work done right now, that’s why sometimes I end up doing all the work which was assigned to others, but I understood that not all the people have the same time and I have to respect it, I can do their work just because I consider I can do it better. There comes my second weakness: I did a lot of effort to learn to work in groups. I love leading, but not all the people enjoy being led.
  • Being impatient (le decís una de cal, y después la compensás con una de arena y un “peeero…”) But I’ve found that if I take my time, dedication and persistence necessary to fulfill the objective, I can achieve and even surpass it.
  • Hobbies/interests: Bueno eso lo sabe cada uno.
  • Why they should hire me? What can I bring to the resort?: You will hire a person who wants to learn new tools, cheerful, with sense of humour.
  • Why do I want the job?: Well, I have a double goal at this point. First of all I would want to apply all the tools I have been learning about customer behaviour, how can I make the best experience as possible for them learning from the inside of the business, and in the other hand, the opportunitty of reinvent myself every day as I usually do, take advantage of my outgoing personality.
  • Past work experiences
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Examples from your life when you have shown independence, maturity or responsibility

Para sumar (nunca viene de más), les dejo estos tipcitos de PNL para que tengan en cuenta sobre lenguaje corporal.